Sherry West Art for Stamp Addicts on Hochanda TV!

Sarah Bewick of Stamp Addicts presented their all-new line-up of seasonal stamps just in time to craft and create for Easter!

I always enjoy watching Sarah and the lovely Hochanda TV hosts interact during each new episode. Sarah does a wonderful job of teaching new craft concepts and always has something interesting like the shrink eggs and butterflies!

She was wearing a darling fuschia flower ring made from shrink plastic! What a novel idea! I’m totally going to do this! I love making jewelry, and even more so from novel materials and concepts. Perfect for Spring!

The metallic shrink eggs would have made fun necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins! What a great family craft to do with the kids!

To watch the show rewind or purchase these stamps:


Easter Friends


The new stamps from Stamp Addicts are here!

Designed by me, I’m pretty excited to see them in grey rubber. I haven’t even seen them yet!

Watch the show today or the Rewind at Search Stamp Addicts on Rewimd.

Head on over to to get yours!

If you are ordering from outside of the UK, international shipping rates and times apply.

These would make great additions to your littles Easter baskets. My kids would rather have fun activites to do and stay busy than just about anything else. Plus, it’s a great family activity, too! You can make cards for parents, grandparents, family and friends.

These stamps are great for all kinds of other projects, too!


Run, don’t walk! To to see the latest episode of Stamp Addicts!

Sarah and Vicky will demo some fun products and brand new stamps to dress up your Easter cards and crafts!

Stamps by yours truly will be featured, as well, so EEPA! EEPA! EEPA! ONDALAY! Over to Hochanda I’m on my way!

Sherry West Art for Stamp Addicts on Hochanda TV Today!

Tune into Hochanda TV today and Watch the show! If you can’t make it, watch the rewind here…

Sherry West Art designs for Stamp Addicts will be shown, along with lots of other great stamp designs and products!

You can also get the digital stamps as a complete set with elements or singles from me:

Email me at:


Pm me by Facebook Messenger:

Sherry West

Join us in the Facebook Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafting group and post your colorings and creations!

Poppi Pokkadott’s Cheery Christmas!

Poppi Pokkadott, Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived, and we’ve got Christmas stuff in the stores. Hmmmm….if they can do it, so can I. Here ya go!

Besides, I’m sure you don’t mind some fun stuff like Poppi Pokkadott!

I don’t. If it’s cute or Kawaii, they can put it out all year long, and I don’t care What season it is or isn’t. (Btw, in Japan, everything cute is “Kawaii.”)

Hello Kitty? Count me in.

Move over Kitty, ‘cuz here comes Poppi!

Poppi comes as a cheery Christmas set of all of the images, including borders, banners, fonts and elements, or you can purchase just the ones you choose.

Each single digital stamp/coloring image is just $2.49 USD each.

The best way to catch me (and Poppi) is to pm me through Facebook Messenger…

or if you don’t do Facebook, email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice:

Merry Christmas Poppi Pokkadott had a media appearance on Hochanda TV a couple of months ago.

She’s available as a clear acrylic stamp through Stamp Addicts at or Click the link below each image below to purchase Poppi in acrylic.

Poppi Pokkadott, Stamp Addicts

Poppi Pokkadott, Stamp Addicts, Hochanda TV

Check out the Kawaii coloring and cards my DT ladies created!

Eye candy, for sure!

And thanks for Popping by!

Me on TV! Wheeeeeee!!!

Sherry West, Sherry West Art, Stamp Addicts, Appearance, Hochanda TV, Sept. 22, 2020

On September 22, 2020, the 28th Birthday of Stamp Addicts, I made a Very Special appearance on Hochanda TV for the celebratory show!

It was Extra Specially Special for me because September 21 was my birthday (huge grin)!

How awesome is that!

Somewhere out in Midwest Indiana, in the middle of hay and corn fields, I sat on an old white wooden porch swing, held up my iphone, smiled wide and tried not to forget what it was I was trying to remember while I worked hard to hold the phone steady and film. While the bugs sang and whirred in the background, it took me about 20 tries to get it right without forgetting everything I was trying to squeeze into a clip of under two minutes.

Well, I did it in one!

I uploaded the clip to Wetramsfer (I think that was it) and sent it off.

I was still pretty surprised to see it on the September 22 show on Hochanda, even though I knew it was going to be on there. There ´ s something rather surreal about seeing yourself talking to yourself from the tv screen.

Even though I had been very apprehensive about making videos, it gave me the confidence and basic know-how to create videos for my own Facebook coloring and crafting group – Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafting. I was honestly afraid before that.

This time, I KNOW I can do it!

To purchase these stamps ON HOCHANDA…

WE BE ON TV! (Again😃)

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner


This adorable line of rubber stamps is from my line of Skratch Patch Kidz. 

They will be on Hochanda tv,, presented by Sarah Jane Bewick of Stamp Addicts, on Sunday, August, 4, 2019. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

If you have been wanting some of my images as a rubber stamp, they are also available at, and will be available for purchase on, as well. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

They are also available as digital stamps in my Etsy shop. 

Everything in the shop is on sale today until Monday, Buy 1, Get 1 Half off!

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

These little cuties have been colored by the very talented Marnie Schagunn, a member of my design team. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

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An Attitude of Gratitude

This lovely card is a representation of what I am grateful for.

It was colored and created by my very talented friend and Design Team member, Marnie Schagunn, using my stamp image.

I have a real live, bonafide “Design Team” of lovely talented coloring and cardmaking ladies who are in the process of making my images look good, my images are being turned into rubber stamps by a small UK stamp company and have been shown on tv not only once, but will be twice in less than two months, my book is being published and coming out in print soon (so excited!), I’ve met so many wonderful people in these new endeavors who have shown me so much patience, support and help, and I have a loving caring supportive husband who puts up with all of my shenanigans and three great hilarious kids, health (more or less, depends on what day of the week it is and if all the stars, moons and planets line up right), and faithful friends who put up with me and hang in there, whether I deserve it or not.

I’m counting my blessings!

I’m not making much money (barely covering the Etsy shop fees, but, hey, that counts!) but I get to be a real live working artist and book author!

And, my art and coloring skills are actually getting better, slowly, but anything is an improvement! How much better does it get?


(Btw, please forgive me me if I sound like I’m bragging. I’m honestly not. I’m just very sincerely appreciative of these wonderful opportunities and all the dear people that are in my life.)