Oh, Glo On!

Red-y for Fall, Sherry West, Cover, Glo Magazine, November, 2020.

Shés here!

Today is the day!

Glo magazine released their latest issue, and my art is on the cover! Glo is a FREE womeńs monthly Ft. Wayne, Indiana publication.

I’ve been wanting to see my art on the cover for the last few years since they started publication. What a thrill!

It was such a treat for me to meet the editors at a home and garden show, and I have quite a few of the past Glo issues in my possession. I just love their magazine and covers.

And now I get to be in it. How awesome is that?

Ím pretty sure Ím Glo-ing.

If yoúd like to color and with this image, here she is! Shés red-y for Fall and Winter! And you can be, too!

Contact me at: SherryWestArt@gmail.com

Facebook: Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafts


The Nerd Bird Bird Herd


Outside my window there are herds

Of all sorts and kinds of noisy birds.

They’re really, really going NUTS!

No if, ands, or buts.

They chirp and call and chirp and sing.

They’re goin crazy ‘cause it‘s SPRING!

One day it’s 20 degrees out and snowing. The next day it’s 50 degrees, the snow melted off, and you have to go back in the house because you dressed in long underwear, thick pants, long sleeves, a heavy coat, hat, scarf and gloves, and now you’ve got to put on a short-sleeved shirt. That’s how you know it’s Spring in Indiana.

Even the birds are confused.