Oooohhhhh, Nooooo, You Don’t!!!

The half-bath room is right in line with the back door. It has one sink and a toilet.
Alex has to walk through there with Marla to Kevin’s office where the back door is to take Marla out for her daily potty breaks.
(Our entire Flock of Flurrkins likes to park right on the concrete stoop, immediately in front of the back door, but that’s another highly entertaining story for another time.)
I was just in that bathroom right in the middle of cleaning the toilet with some good-old-fashioned dish soap and bleach (my grandma’s tried-and-true recipe for cleaning everything), giving it a good scrubbing with all of the accompanying soapy bubbles going everywhere, when Alex and Marla noisily came back in the house through the back door and were in the office directly behind me ready to squeeze through the little bathroom and on into the rest of the house.
Marla has a rather unfortunate bad habit…when she returns from her Great Adventure Outdoors, she’s quite thirsty. That white porcelain toilet bowl is right at her height and looks like the Perfect Refreshing Font of Thirst-Quenching Goodness for a hot dog.
And Marla has frequently, noisily and messily availed herself of its permanent and open availability before we can catch her.
(When certain short humans around here use it, they never remember to put the lid down. I’m not going to comment on whether they remember to flush or not.)
I looked back over my shoulder, and Marla was bee-lining it for the watery bowl with a very interested look on her face.
“Oh, no, you don’t, Marla!” I told her, planting myself firmly in her path with my soapy toilet brush held aloft like a scepter to reinforce the command in my Presence and tone (because I am the Queen of the Throne, dontcha know).
Just in time, Alex realized what was about to happen and said she’d take Marla into the rest of the house through the laundry room.
Pulling Marla behind her, while Marla determinedly pulled against her in the opposite direction toward the toilet, Alex redirected a very reluctant dog into the house via another, less disgusting route.
I made a mental note to myself to remember to flush the toilet really well and put the lid down, just in case.


Meet Miss Marla!

Meet Miss Marla!

She is the newest addition to our family.

She’s a 2-1/2-yr-old, perfectly-behaved, super-smart, white German Shepherd.

She’s better-behaved and much more polite than the rest of us. We are all already taking some cues in the better-behavior department from the new dog!🤣

Jalapeño, the cat on the other side of the kitchen window in the above photo, is obviously NOT enthusiastic about the great white hairy beast staring intently at her from inside the house (the kitchen), The dog is laser-focused in the cat (you can’t see her – she’s to the lower right out of the photo with her big noise pointed straight at the cat) and the cat is laser-focused in on the dog.

If looks could kill…or at least wound…

Have A Duck y St. Patrick’s Day!

Bunnies love clover!

We live in a big old fixer-upper house on a hill by a river, with a large yard chock full of clover. Darling wild little cotton-tail bunnies hop and rabbit-trail all over the yard in search of dainty morsels that spring from the grass each morning.

Their white cottony little fluff-ball tails bob up and down as they hop to and fro across the yard. The kids and I all yell “Bunnies!!!” if one of us sees one so we can run to the window to watch them.

They are wild bunnies, so they are woodsy-colored with their variegated brown and gray coats, but their tummies and tails are creamy white and as just as cute as they can possibly be.


Always on the lookout while they eat, they sometimes sit straight up with their ears tall and erect, barely moving.

We had the great good fortune to take care of a baby bunny that our cats were about to have for their supper. We tried to leave it underneath the bush where the mother bunny had left it, but the cats always watched us. For the safety of the baby, we brought it indoors and raised it. In the springtime, it was large enough to release outdoors safely.

We were all very sad to see our little bunny go, but that was where he belonged, and we were glad we could help him get through the winter.

Every now and then, we drive into town in the evening. When we return home and go up the drive, bunnies invariably dash out of the bushes up the long drive-way, scattering in all directions, with their little white tails bobbing up and down in the headlights. We yell “runny bunny!,” and everyone gets terribly excited, adults included.

Since we live out in the outer areas of a small farm town, our place is surrounded by fields of corn, hay and soy beans – a bunny haven. This is what we have fondly (although unofficially) renamed our home – “Bunny Haven.” And, it really is.


                  Sherry West                  

Morning dawns for the clear fresh day –

Drowsy bunnies dart out to play.

Mama nibbles in a clover bay;

Cotton-tail nestlings, so blithe and gay,

Tag one another, then dash away.

Afternoon sun in bright array –

In quiet, cool burrows they placidly lay.

Evening’s pale moon draws near to stay –

Joyous little bunnies

Caper, leap, frolicking, play.


(This is a set of five images which is currently sold in my Etsy shop SherryWestArt , which is wonderful for creating greeting cards, ecards, scrapbooking, adult coloring and many other papercrafting activities.

These images were created digitally using my Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate, and are suitable for high-quality printing.)