B is for Bunny, T is for Trouble: the Trouble with Bunnies

Folks always assume an artist can draw Anything.

Ím here to tell you that’s Not So.

See that bunny up there?

That´s my 10th bunny today, or somewhere thereabouts. Or would that be Thereabunnies?

Yoúd think something so absolutely adorable, soft, round and squishy would be easy to draw….but not just draw it, but make it Look adorable.

Earlier versions of that bunny were not particularly adorable or attractive, and certainly not something folks would want to color, put on their cards and send to family members for Christmas.

Ím just glad this particular bunny finally decided to cooperate or Íd probably still be sitting here trying to figure out how to get him to.

And that’s the Trouble with Bunnies.


Rock On, Elton Turkey!

For your dining pleasure, may I suggest ELTON TURKEY?

TODAY´S SPECIAL is a plump, juicy, delicious bird with a heaping side of pumpkins and corn.

BUT….you’ll have to catch him, first. Actually, you’ll have to find him. He’s not very partial to being the Special on Today’s Menu.

If you can’t find him, grab one of your kids, and if you don’t have one, borrow one from somebody else. They’ll find him for you in a jiffy. Mine did, lol.

Set of 5 fun flavorful Fall images for your crafting and creating pleasure.

Created especially for YOU by the culinary arts of Sherry West Art!

These fun, fabulous and flavorful creations were brought to you by the talented members of the Sherry West Art Design Team:

Kathy Ebalo English

Sharon Heritage

Sandra Van Blaricum

Deborah Abu Zagarit

*Elton was named by the ladies on my DT, for obvious reasons.😀