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Little Debbie Does Dolls

We are the local Little Debbie Snack Cake distributors , so we see her face on all our product. So, I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise if she subconsciously shows up in my artwork, lol. Totally not intended but pretty cute, nonetheless.

Doll design in progress


The folks at Facebook Corporate must not be carnivores.

That´s just a wild guess based on my latest encounter with them in the guise of trying to add images to my FB shop.

Take the item below I was trying to upload, for instance…

I realize they believe it´s their Most Solemn Responsibility to make sure the rest of the us do what is right and go green, but there is no freaking way in heck I ´ll be giving up my fried chicken any time soon. Good luck with that one, MZ.

Long live KFC!

Derrière Delight

May I present to you……




Peach yogurt

Fresh pineapple

Fresh Banana

Vanilla almond milk

Pineapple orange juice (or something thereabouts)

Whipped cream & pineapple for garnish

*1 Fresh egg (straight from the back side of the chicken is best)

My Faverelle (“Fav”), one of The Girlz. Breed – Salmon Faverolle.

(Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Raini went out and collected today’s quota of eggs from The Girlz right before it got dropped into the smoothie. Doesn’t get any fresher! Made it myself…the smoothie, NOT the egg.😃)

*This morning’s smoothie is dedicated to Tom Dutta, CEO of Kre-at, fellow Morgan James Publishing Author, Good Friend, great Human Being, film producer, TED-X speaker, and Head Chef of Chez Thomaso.
For more about the multi-talented Tom Dutta, go to….

Rock On, Elton Turkey!

For your dining pleasure, may I suggest ELTON TURKEY?

TODAY´S SPECIAL is a plump, juicy, delicious bird with a heaping side of pumpkins and corn.

BUT….you’ll have to catch him, first. Actually, you’ll have to find him. He’s not very partial to being the Special on Today’s Menu.

If you can’t find him, grab one of your kids, and if you don’t have one, borrow one from somebody else. They’ll find him for you in a jiffy. Mine did, lol.

Set of 5 fun flavorful Fall images for your crafting and creating pleasure.

Created especially for YOU by the culinary arts of Sherry West Art!

These fun, fabulous and flavorful creations were brought to you by the talented members of the Sherry West Art Design Team:

Kathy Ebalo English

Sharon Heritage

Sandra Van Blaricum

Deborah Abu Zagarit

*Elton was named by the ladies on my DT, for obvious reasons.😀

The Chicken or The Egg?

It’s breakfast and the boys are eating at the dining room table. 

Something is missing from their meal…protein. 

So I ask them if they want an egg. 

Gabriel asks,”Flat?”

That’s his way of asking if it’s fried, as opposed to “round”(I.e. boiled).

“No,” I reply. “Round.”

“No.” He says. He only wants a fried egg.

Then I get a great idea I think will ensure he eats an egg.

“Wait.” I tell them and go to the other room to execute it.

With highly expectant looks on their faces, they watch me as I leave the room and go into the kitchen.

I go to the frig, grab two hard-boiled eggs, go to my art supplies, grab a black Sharpie and give those boring old white eggs some personality to make them more appealing and edible.

Then take them back to the boys and plop one friendly egg on each boys plate, where it cheerfully stares up at him in its cutest, most engaging little way.

They laugh delightedly!

Then they start discussing their respective eggs and playing make-believe with them…acting out little chicken scenarios with all the appropriate clucking and bawking to go with it. 

They’re having an absolutely lovely time with their new playmates.

But that’s not what I intended.

Meatballs & Bananas

Our youngest, Rainier, is a very late bloomer in the vocabulary department. He’s just starting to take to the idea that words are for describing things, conveying ideas, thoughts and feelings.

His latest and greatest words are “banana, poop and meatball.“ He loves the reaction he gets from everyone when he actually uses words to describe things, and especially the not-so-positive reaction he gets when he combines unlike words and concepts like “banana” and “poop.” We hear this combo used to describe Everything All. Day. Long. Then he goes off in gales of giggles at the silliness of it.

We’ve tried so hard for so long to get him to use language, and now that he’s actually using it, albeit the wrong way, we are loath to try and shut him up, so we don’t circumvent the great progress he’s made. We’ve been dying for him to be able to speak, but now that he’s starting to, we are kind of wishing he’d wouldn’t…at least, not so much.

He and his older brother, Bubby, like to play tanks on the Wii. There are two little tanks on a field on the tv screen, and the boys shoot each other’s tank and blow each other up. They love it. They get really mad, too, when the other one blows HIS tank up.

Rainier says “Me!” when he’s saying it’s His tank, and he’s blowing Bubby up, and says “Bo” when he’s talking about what Bubby’s tank is doing, and if he blows it up. He also puts them together and says “Me-Bo!”

He says this all the time, so much so that he sounds like he’s calling Bubby a “Meatball.”

Just for fun, I told Bubby we‘re just start going to start calling him that, since that’s what he’s called all the time anyway.

At that, he scowled, then grumpily and frimly declared, “I am Not a Meatball!”

At this, Rainier immediately burst into peals of giggles and yelled, “Meatball!”

A Free St. Patrick’s Day Digital Stamp, Adult Coloring Page for You!

For You, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

Spring is here!

So let’s all cheer!

Let’s all say Hurray!

‘Cause it’s a happy Springy Day!

I’m not quite sure what it is with my fascination with bunnies, bees and clover recently. It must be a Spring Thing after being cooped up inside the house all winter. We’ve had an awful lot of snow and some sub-zero temps.

This cute little bunny is sharing a big bouquet of spring’s first batch of tender green clover with a little fairy friend. She looks rather hesitant, as if she’s uncertain as to whether he would like for her to eat it or use it as a bouquet. It might be a bit of both, since you’d share your food with someone you care about, right?

I’ve included two images, one that can be used as a digital download or coloring page, and the second can be used as the same, but includes spaces for addressing it to Someone Special from You!

For You From, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

This image has an area for you to write in the name of Someone Special you’d like to give your colored image to.

We all love freebies! Me, included. Here’s a FREE adorable digitally downloadable printable jpg file (300 dpi) for you to use in your St. Patrick’s Day and Spring crafting projects – scrapbooking, digital stamping, cardmaking, papercrafting, journaling, albums, gift tags, adult coloring, stickers, and more!

For You!

From Me!

For You, From Me, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019