Run, don’t walk! To to see the latest episode of Stamp Addicts!

Sarah and Vicky will demo some fun products and brand new stamps to dress up your Easter cards and crafts!

Stamps by yours truly will be featured, as well, so EEPA! EEPA! EEPA! ONDALAY! Over to Hochanda I’m on my way!


Little Debbie Does Dolls

We are the local Little Debbie Snack Cake distributors , so we see her face on all our product. So, I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise if she subconsciously shows up in my artwork, lol. Totally not intended but pretty cute, nonetheless.

Doll design in progress


Wednesday, March 17th, we have another Hochanda TV episode with more great stamps from Stamp Addicts!

Tune in on March 17 on Hochanda,com! Search for Stamp Addicts on Rewind.

If you can’t make it, you can always catch up and watch the Rewind!

Great stamps from Stamp Addicts, including those designed by yours truly!

SherryWestArt for Stamp

E.T. Phone Gnome

Here’s a friendly little gnome

Looking for a friendly home.

He doesn’t want to be alone,

And he doesn’t have a noisy phone.

He won’t eat much,

Or be overgrown.

So, can he, pretty please,

Come to your home?

He (and she) are available from Sherry West Art NOW!

They’ve got lots of outfits, accessories and elements for lots of fun paper doll play, Cardmaking, journaling, scrapbooking and more!

Contact me:

It’s almost summer, dincha gnome?

Shout Outs!

Deborah’s Shout Out for Today!

Deborah Abu Zagarit, one of my lovely DT ladies, has this video up with some fun shout outs on artists, companies, projects you might want to take a looksie at! She even mentions me. 😃

She’s got so many wonderful videos of fun things to do and share!

She’s got giveaways and groups with lots of freebies, but you’ve got to tune in to see what they are!

Do take a look and make sure to comment, like and subscribe! Small businesses survive, especially in these times, on these simple responses.

Silly Spooders

Awhile ago, a long while ago, I submitted to Bored Panda what I thought was SURE to be the next viral cartoon series “Silly Spiders.”

With a few hundred views, no positive comments, no shares and only 20 upvotes (sympathetic friends and family, I’m guessing), I quickly realized the inevitable (which didn’t include going viral).

I forgot all about these silly things until I happened to stumble over them recently.

After showing them to the ladies on my design team, most of whom weren’t aware of their existence, the team leader noticed something rather interesting.

See the red circles?


See what’s inside the big one?


Of course, I was completely oblivious since I was focused on the spiders and trying to figure out how to make them better artistically.

Kathy noticed it IMMEDIATELY. (Of course, she did, being the mother of a normal six-year-old boy.)

I saw: someone sitting on the toilet with their bright red undies down around their ankles.

She saw: “Stop Wiping Your Butt.”

So, the lesson for today is: Even when presented with stuff in black and white and in print online, each person still perceives it DIFFERENTLY.

And the other life lesson? Always reread what you just read, just in case you missed something REALLY obvious.

Krazee Katz Kidz Koloring and Krafting Kontest!

Who: You! Kidz, ONLY! No parentz allowed! (You are very welcome to join the group, but no entering your own creations…at least not in this one, lol)
Organizations and groups that serve children are very welcome to join the fun, too!

Schools, libraries, hospitals, nonprofits, charitable institutions, homeschooling groups and families, churches, etc., are welcome to participate!

When: Monday, Oct. 12 to Sunday, Oct. 31

Where: Sherry West Art Coloring & Crafts Facebook group

Why: For Fun!

What: Coloring and crafting contest for kids. FREE!

How: Join the group, Download this Sherry West Art image, Color this Sherry West image, Post it in the group, Enter to win a fun prize!

It even has a frame for you to hang on the frig! 😃


*This image and character are the sole property of Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020. The Fishbowl. All rights reserved.

*This image is only for personal use related ONLY to the purpose for which it is being shared. It is NOT to be used to create other products, shared, sold or used in any other way, shape or form.

*Copyright – The Fishbowl, Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020. All rights reserved.

On your mark, get set, color!

Coloring & Crafting Contests, Freebies & Giveaways!

Woohoo! Sherry West, SherryWestArt@2020




Who doesn’t like getting something for free?

(I’m not going to raise my hand.)

Here’s a lovely list of some great ones for this August and early Fall I found that you’re going to LOVE!

Now, mind you, these are focused on adult coloring, crafting, cardmaking, papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking, art, etc, but there are a very few for kids.




Facebook Coloring Challenge Groups




Call for Submissions: 2020 Fall call


KIDS, General

Adults, General

There ya go! Have fun!

Oooohhhhh, Nooooo, You Don’t!!!

The half-bath room is right in line with the back door. It has one sink and a toilet.
Alex has to walk through there with Marla to Kevin’s office where the back door is to take Marla out for her daily potty breaks.
(Our entire Flock of Flurrkins likes to park right on the concrete stoop, immediately in front of the back door, but that’s another highly entertaining story for another time.)
I was just in that bathroom right in the middle of cleaning the toilet with some good-old-fashioned dish soap and bleach (my grandma’s tried-and-true recipe for cleaning everything), giving it a good scrubbing with all of the accompanying soapy bubbles going everywhere, when Alex and Marla noisily came back in the house through the back door and were in the office directly behind me ready to squeeze through the little bathroom and on into the rest of the house.
Marla has a rather unfortunate bad habit…when she returns from her Great Adventure Outdoors, she’s quite thirsty. That white porcelain toilet bowl is right at her height and looks like the Perfect Refreshing Font of Thirst-Quenching Goodness for a hot dog.
And Marla has frequently, noisily and messily availed herself of its permanent and open availability before we can catch her.
(When certain short humans around here use it, they never remember to put the lid down. I’m not going to comment on whether they remember to flush or not.)
I looked back over my shoulder, and Marla was bee-lining it for the watery bowl with a very interested look on her face.
“Oh, no, you don’t, Marla!” I told her, planting myself firmly in her path with my soapy toilet brush held aloft like a scepter to reinforce the command in my Presence and tone (because I am the Queen of the Throne, dontcha know).
Just in time, Alex realized what was about to happen and said she’d take Marla into the rest of the house through the laundry room.
Pulling Marla behind her, while Marla determinedly pulled against her in the opposite direction toward the toilet, Alex redirected a very reluctant dog into the house via another, less disgusting route.
I made a mental note to myself to remember to flush the toilet really well and put the lid down, just in case.