Do you go through a lot of paper?

No, not THAT kind of paper.

Printer paper.

How much printing do you do?

The paper doesn’t cost much, but the ink, unfortunately does.

A friend recently told us about HP Ink. $2.99 for 50 pages payable monthly. $1 per every 10 extra pages over the 50.

We were spending $43 for two cartridges – 1 black, 1 color – for our old HP printer…times two printers…total $86. Every time we went to the cash register to pay for them, we squeaked. It was painful to fork over that much money on tiny little printer cartridges.

It didn’t take a pair of rocket scientists to figure out which was the better deal…and we weren’t rocket scientists.

To qualify for the program, we had to purchase an HP printer that was compatible. That was easy. Go to Walmart, spend $25, take home a new printer and set it up. We bought two, one for hubby’s office and one for mine. We bought the same model printer and did one $2.99 monthly ink subscription.

To sign up, go to

You won’t be sorry. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.

And we don’t have to squeak when it comes time to pay for those tiny little cartridges.


WE BE ON TV! (Again😃)

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner


This adorable line of rubber stamps is from my line of Skratch Patch Kidz. 

They will be on Hochanda tv,, presented by Sarah Jane Bewick of Stamp Addicts, on Sunday, August, 4, 2019. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

If you have been wanting some of my images as a rubber stamp, they are also available at, and will be available for purchase on, as well. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

They are also available as digital stamps in my Etsy shop. 

Everything in the shop is on sale today until Monday, Buy 1, Get 1 Half off!

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

These little cuties have been colored by the very talented Marnie Schagunn, a member of my design team. 

Stamp design by Sherry West, Sherry West Art
Coloring by Marnie Schagunn, Marnie’s Crafting Corner

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I Did It!

Have a Rosey Day! Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

I did it!

I can color!

I’m NOT naturally gifted in the coloring department. Not. At. All.

If someone is “artistic” in one area, that doesn’t automatically guarantee they will be artistic in another area….like, say…oh…coloring in my own line work.

As a professional illustrator, I HAVE to be able to color in what I draw. Unfortunately, coloring is NOT my gift. I can draw, but I can’t color. That’s NOT good for a professional artist.

I have to ask others who are good colorists for help in that dept., and lucky for me, there are lots of good ones out there in the area I’ve chosen to specialize in – adult coloring and stamping – who love to color, are good at it, and kindly and graciously volunteer to help me.

After I Publically beg for help.

I have met so many nice people through this method, that I actually look forward to having to ask for assistance because I know I’m going to get some new wonderful friends, as well as some great coloring, out of the whole deal.

There’s a good reason why kids and pets beg….

It works!

Have a Rosey Day! Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

This cute little gal is available in my Etsy shop

Free Apps for Coloring Digital Stamps and Coloring Pages on the Go

Recolor Adult Coloring App,

Are you looking for a free adult coloring app to color your digital stamps or adult coloring pages when you are on the go and can’t take your creative stash with you?

There are many different kinds of coloring apps to choose from. Adult, kids, dot-to-dot, color by number, diamond, pixels and more. You can even get an app that plays music while you color (not free).

Upload your own images to color (photos, line art) or create your own by drawing them and share them with the world. If you like to color adult coloring pages or digital stamps, you can use these apps to do it.

Most of them are not actually free, though. They will give you a week-long free trial period, and after that you need to subscribe. Weekly, monthly, yearly options are available, but the least expensive is yearly.

Be careful! Read the reviews and check where the app developers are from! Some of these apps are really identity thieves in disguise. You download the app to your phone or device, they steal your passwords, lock up your phone, then send you a ransom message so you have to pay them to unlock it.

The following links have great write-ups on each of the apps and what you can expect from each, plus whether they are free or if you’ll need to subscribe and how much.

10 Best Coloring Apps For Adults And Kids


These are actually free. Recolor has many free images with the option to subscribe to unlock the rest. Medibang Colors is free with a limited number of images available to color.


MediBang Colors


Make sure and check this site for alternatives to the “free” adult coloring apps. It gives an exhaustive list of the apps available and whether they are free or not.

Free Art Apps to Use for Coloring Digital Images

Medibang Paint,

Adult coloring can be a very expensive hobby. A less pricey alternative would be to download an art app onto your mobile device or pc, download images from online sources and color in the art app.

As a coloring book and digital stamp artist, and children’s book illustrator, I needed to find the best art apps on a very limited budget….free. I’ve tried most of the following free art apps on my IPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy NotePro. I’ve made a list of the ones that are fairly easy to just jump in and use.


“Make any device your canvas”The world’s best free comic creation tool.







This site has the complete list of (free) alternatives to any $$$ software program out there.

A Free St. Patrick’s Day Digital Stamp, Adult Coloring Page for You!

For You, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

Spring is here!

So let’s all cheer!

Let’s all say Hurray!

‘Cause it’s a happy Springy Day!

I’m not quite sure what it is with my fascination with bunnies, bees and clover recently. It must be a Spring Thing after being cooped up inside the house all winter. We’ve had an awful lot of snow and some sub-zero temps.

This cute little bunny is sharing a big bouquet of spring’s first batch of tender green clover with a little fairy friend. She looks rather hesitant, as if she’s uncertain as to whether he would like for her to eat it or use it as a bouquet. It might be a bit of both, since you’d share your food with someone you care about, right?

I’ve included two images, one that can be used as a digital download or coloring page, and the second can be used as the same, but includes spaces for addressing it to Someone Special from You!

For You From, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

This image has an area for you to write in the name of Someone Special you’d like to give your colored image to.

We all love freebies! Me, included. Here’s a FREE adorable digitally downloadable printable jpg file (300 dpi) for you to use in your St. Patrick’s Day and Spring crafting projects – scrapbooking, digital stamping, cardmaking, papercrafting, journaling, albums, gift tags, adult coloring, stickers, and more!

For You!

From Me!

For You, From Me, Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019