Christmas Freebies for Your Holiday Coloring and Crafts!

Sherry West, Sherry West Art, 2020

With Christmas coming up so quickly, it´s time to get those cards and crafts done!

Here are some great places to find….

Clip art









The Spruce Crafts

Christmas HQ

The Prudent Penny Pincher

200 Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Gifts


Free Christmas Stuff: Get Your Cards, Clip-Art, SFX, and More


B is for Bunny, T is for Trouble: the Trouble with Bunnies

Folks always assume an artist can draw Anything.

Ím here to tell you that’s Not So.

See that bunny up there?

That´s my 10th bunny today, or somewhere thereabouts. Or would that be Thereabunnies?

Yoúd think something so absolutely adorable, soft, round and squishy would be easy to draw….but not just draw it, but make it Look adorable.

Earlier versions of that bunny were not particularly adorable or attractive, and certainly not something folks would want to color, put on their cards and send to family members for Christmas.

Ím just glad this particular bunny finally decided to cooperate or Íd probably still be sitting here trying to figure out how to get him to.

And that’s the Trouble with Bunnies.

Poppi Pokkadott’s Cheery Christmas!

Poppi Pokkadott, Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived, and we’ve got Christmas stuff in the stores. Hmmmm….if they can do it, so can I. Here ya go!

Besides, I’m sure you don’t mind some fun stuff like Poppi Pokkadott!

I don’t. If it’s cute or Kawaii, they can put it out all year long, and I don’t care What season it is or isn’t. (Btw, in Japan, everything cute is “Kawaii.”)

Hello Kitty? Count me in.

Move over Kitty, ‘cuz here comes Poppi!

Poppi comes as a cheery Christmas set of all of the images, including borders, banners, fonts and elements, or you can purchase just the ones you choose.

Each single digital stamp/coloring image is just $2.49 USD each.

The best way to catch me (and Poppi) is to pm me through Facebook Messenger…

or if you don’t do Facebook, email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice:

Merry Christmas Poppi Pokkadott had a media appearance on Hochanda TV a couple of months ago.

She’s available as a clear acrylic stamp through Stamp Addicts at or Click the link below each image below to purchase Poppi in acrylic.

Poppi Pokkadott, Stamp Addicts

Poppi Pokkadott, Stamp Addicts, Hochanda TV

Check out the Kawaii coloring and cards my DT ladies created!

Eye candy, for sure!

And thanks for Popping by!


(Major Spoiler Alert)

“Who’s Ben Solo???” Kevin (hubby) just asked me, a totally appropriate Christmas Eve conversation.

I just stared at him incredulously – with my mouth open.

This is the man who has every single Star Wars movie and has seen them more times than I can count.

“WHO’S BEN SOLO???” I asked him.

He just looked at me in response.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

How could he Not Know?

So I proceeded to go through The Parentage:

“You know…Han Solo is his father and Princess Leia is his mother. That’s Ben Solo.”

I couldn’t believe I was having to explain this to a fellow Star Wars fan. How could he Not Know?

“I don’t get it.” He insisted. “How is he connected to Kylo Ren?”

‘He IS Kylo Ren,” I said, as if putting extra emphasis (and volume) on certain words would make it more understandable.

“What?” He asked.

“He is Kylo Ren BEFORE Kylo Ren,” I answered.

I tried another way around the dilemma. “He was Ben Solo BEFORE he became Kylo Ren.”

‘What? I don’t get it.” he said.

“Ok,” I sighed, then proceeded trying to figure out how I was going to make this clear if he hadn’t gotten it already.

“Just what do you think Rey has been doing all this time?” I asked. “She’s been Trying to turn Kylo Ren Back into Ben Solo.”

“Right before the end, Kylo Ren returns to the Light Side of the Force and becomes Ben Solo. They fight together on the Light Side.”

“She dies. He gives up his life force to bring her back to life, she kisses him and then he dies.”

“Then Ben Solo and Kylo Ren are BOTH dead.”

There, that should take care of it.

“End of story,” I concluded, really hoping this made it clear because I honestly didn’t know how I was going to simplify it any further.

“Oh,” he responded.

Now he knows who Ben Solo is.

I think….