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Dumb Bunnies & Runny Bunnies

I’m a dumb bunny.

That’s what we say here at our house when we do something stupid.

We live out in the country next a river, surrounded by farm fields. Wéve also got a bun-load of bunnies! Darling brown cotton-tail bunnies with little white tummies and tails that bob up and down when they take off across the fields. Those little tails look like bouncing cotton balls.

We call them “runny bunnies.”

See those sets of Prismacolor pencils up there? All three of them?

The complete set of 150 colored pencils, the complete set of 36 Verithins, and the set of 36 watercolor pencils? Yes, those.

I don’t have them anymore…..Because I’m a dumb bunny.

I sold them in one lot on eBay because I wasn’t using them. I do everything on the iPad – drawing and coloring – so I can send things to my stamp company and upload on social media. I don’t have time to color by hand.

I didn’t want to have expensive art supplies just laying around gathering dust and decaying with age when I’m not using them.

I thought, “Hey, how difficult can it be to learn to color with alcohol markers? Everyone colors their stamps with those, so I should use the same coloring methods on my stamps so I can produce samples they can relate to.”

How hard is it? Oh, just mostly impossible…for me.

So, after I wasted a bunch of time and money purchasing alcohol markers, trying and struggling to learn to use them, and finding out it’s well-nigh impossible, I went back to what I CAN use…colored pencils.

I CAN’T color with alcohol markers.

I CAN color with colored pencils….except for the fact that I got rid of them.

And then I had to buy them….AGAIN.

And THAT would be why I’m a dumb bunny.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bunnies. We all love bunnies.

But dumb bunnies are a different animal entirely.

Your lesson for today is: Don’t be a dumb bunny.

Sherry West Art @ 2020. StampAddicts.com.