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WHO: kids 0-18

WHEN: March 14 to March 17

WHERE: Sherry West Art Coloring & Crafting Group

WHAT: Hoppy St Paddys To Ya! Kidz Koloring & Krafting Kontest

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Sherry West Art for Stamp Addicts on Hochanda TV Today!

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Sherry West Art designs for Stamp Addicts will be shown, along with lots of other great stamp designs and products!

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Silly Spooders

Awhile ago, a long while ago, I submitted to Bored Panda what I thought was SURE to be the next viral cartoon series “Silly Spiders.”

With a few hundred views, no positive comments, no shares and only 20 upvotes (sympathetic friends and family, I’m guessing), I quickly realized the inevitable (which didn’t include going viral).

I forgot all about these silly things until I happened to stumble over them recently.

After showing them to the ladies on my design team, most of whom weren’t aware of their existence, the team leader noticed something rather interesting.

See the red circles?


See what’s inside the big one?


Of course, I was completely oblivious since I was focused on the spiders and trying to figure out how to make them better artistically.

Kathy noticed it IMMEDIATELY. (Of course, she did, being the mother of a normal six-year-old boy.)

I saw: someone sitting on the toilet with their bright red undies down around their ankles.

She saw: “Stop Wiping Your Butt.”

So, the lesson for today is: Even when presented with stuff in black and white and in print online, each person still perceives it DIFFERENTLY.

And the other life lesson? Always reread what you just read, just in case you missed something REALLY obvious.

WWF Smack-Down

I’m in the kitchen, standing at the counter.

Rainier, my 4-yr-old, comes in and very determinedly calls for me,

“Pee!” He tells me earnestly and very emphatically.

That means he peed in his training pants, and they need to be changed. That’s a very good sign. If it’s bugging him, then we are close to the end goal…one potty trained kid.

“Bubby, go get a diaper, for me, will you?” I tell his older brother who is nearby.

While he goes and retrieves a fresh pair, which are really just reformatted diapers, hence it’s easier just to say “diaper” as opposed to the longer “training pants,” I remove the soggy ones from Rain. My head is down facing Rainier since I’m bent over trying to disengage those stubborn things from his legs. 

Bubby returns to the kitchen and noisily slaps a diaper on the counter next to me.

“Maaaiaiiiiiiiii!!! BO MACKED ME!!!” Rainier yells out. 

“Bubby, did you smack Rainier with the diaper?” I ask him.

“YEP!”  He replies proudly with a grin on his face.

I so can’t  help it…I laugh.

These are MY boys. 

The Chicken or The Egg?

It’s breakfast and the boys are eating at the dining room table. 

Something is missing from their meal…protein. 

So I ask them if they want an egg. 

Gabriel asks,”Flat?”

That’s his way of asking if it’s fried, as opposed to “round”(I.e. boiled).

“No,” I reply. “Round.”

“No.” He says. He only wants a fried egg.

Then I get a great idea I think will ensure he eats an egg.

“Wait.” I tell them and go to the other room to execute it.

With highly expectant looks on their faces, they watch me as I leave the room and go into the kitchen.

I go to the frig, grab two hard-boiled eggs, go to my art supplies, grab a black Sharpie and give those boring old white eggs some personality to make them more appealing and edible.

Then take them back to the boys and plop one friendly egg on each boys plate, where it cheerfully stares up at him in its cutest, most engaging little way.

They laugh delightedly!

Then they start discussing their respective eggs and playing make-believe with them…acting out little chicken scenarios with all the appropriate clucking and bawking to go with it. 

They’re having an absolutely lovely time with their new playmates.

But that’s not what I intended.

Tooty-Toot, Maisy!

Sherry West, SherryWestArt, 2019

When our daughter was small, we read her the Maisy the mouse books by Lucy Cousins.

In one of them, Maisy has a train.

Somewhere in the text it reads, “Tooty-toot, Maisy!” whenever the train blows it’s whistle.

So now, whenever someone is gassy, we all yell “Tooty-Toot, Maisy!”

Gabriel, a very typical seven-year-old boy, who just finished a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, is sitting in the large Lazy-boy with his little brother Rainier.

From way over there, I heard the very distinct sounds that send little boys (and their siblings) into gales of laughter.

I told him, “I heard that!”

Gabriel then said, “Imagine if You made a sound like that!”

Tooty-toot, Maisy!