Free Apps for Coloring Digital Stamps and Coloring Pages on the Go

Recolor Adult Coloring App,

Are you looking for a free adult coloring app to color your digital stamps or adult coloring pages when you are on the go and can’t take your creative stash with you?

There are many different kinds of coloring apps to choose from. Adult, kids, dot-to-dot, color by number, diamond, pixels and more. You can even get an app that plays music while you color (not free).

Upload your own images to color (photos, line art) or create your own by drawing them and share them with the world. If you like to color adult coloring pages or digital stamps, you can use these apps to do it.

Most of them are not actually free, though. They will give you a week-long free trial period, and after that you need to subscribe. Weekly, monthly, yearly options are available, but the least expensive is yearly.

Be careful! Read the reviews and check where the app developers are from! Some of these apps are really identity thieves in disguise. You download the app to your phone or device, they steal your passwords, lock up your phone, then send you a ransom message so you have to pay them to unlock it.

The following links have great write-ups on each of the apps and what you can expect from each, plus whether they are free or if you’ll need to subscribe and how much.

10 Best Coloring Apps For Adults And Kids


These are actually free. Recolor has many free images with the option to subscribe to unlock the rest. Medibang Colors is free with a limited number of images available to color.


MediBang Colors


Make sure and check this site for alternatives to the “free” adult coloring apps. It gives an exhaustive list of the apps available and whether they are free or not.