Here you will find my writing in verse – some silly, sad, soulful and sometimes simply descriptive of what I see around me.

For more samples of my poetry…



“Mommy has to go potty,”

That’s what I tell my kids.

Then, I quietly grab an ice cream

While they’re watching vids.

I casually saunter off

And make my get-away –

And into the bathroom will I go,

And there I plan to stay.

Gleefully, then,

I shut the door –

Turn the lock

And try once more

To see if they can

Get right in.

I feel like I’m

Committing SIN,

But I don’t care –

I dive right in.

My “Forbidden Fruit”

Tastes amazingly Great!

It was definitely worth

The torturous week-long wait.

No more kids around.

Not a one in sight –

As I take each

Guilty, delicious bite.

And just right when I really think

I’m hidden away and Free –

From on the other side,

Two voices call to me.

One determinedly rattles the knob

On that great big door,

While the other scratches and snuffles

At the opening on the floor.

Then comes a knock,

Or two (or ten) or three –

There’s Nowhere I can go –

Nowhere left to flee.

There’s nowhere

For me to go –

Nowhere that is,

That they won’t KNOW.

Mommy, what are you

Doing in there?

Washing your hands?

Brushing your hair?

“I’m just in here for a little bit”

I call out as I anxiously sit –

Now hurriedly slurping

Every melting bit.

Mommy, Mommy,

Can you come out?

Begs one desperate

Little sprout.

Piteous howling and crying,

The like you’ve never heard,

Comes from beyond that door

(Oh my word.)

So much sighing,

Moaning, and whining,

While I’m in here

Guiltily dining.

Quietly, and very silently,

I finish that last little bite –

And then make very, very sure

My mouth I efficiently wipe.

Then, “I want ONE!”

They both yell

From other side,

Clear as a bell.


The world is a lovely, magical place,

If we just look and see,

Hiding by the wayside

Waiting for you and me.

Peek into a flower,

Follow a bumble bee,

Whatever it is you look for,

That is what you will see.


a retelling in verse of an Old Tale

Sherry West

Roses white

And roses red,

A raven’s wing

To crown her head.

Eyes like sky,

Skin like snow,

Lips of crimson –

Cupid’s bow.

Three drops of blood

Fall on snow –

Red on white –

Who could know?

The gentle queen

Fell down dead…

Her babe lived on,

It was said.

Eyes of sky,

Hair of night,

Cupid’s bow,

Cheeks so bright.

Laughter fills

Palace walls,

Echoing through

Heavy halls.

Song of birds

On the air –

Lilting, lovely


Slender as

the reed does grow,

A maiden dancing,

Musicians bow.

New Queen arrives

With the years.

No more singing,

Only tears.

Golden as

The day is bright –

Heart of stone –

Maiden’s flight.

Into the dark,

and the green,

Flees the tender one


Through the leaves,

Through the night,

Moon and stars

Watch her flight.


Light and dark,

Night and day,

Upon the icy ground

She lay.

Ever onward,

Ever she pressed

In thread-bare gown

And weary breast.


What do Splendid Saffron Sunflowers know

Of Suffering & Shaded Sorrow

Whose Shining, Gilded faces turning –

Greet the Sun King in the ‘Morrow?

One Thousand Ten Thousands abide in Green –

Hidden in Grasses tho’ still Seen –

Gently sway by Autumn’s Breeze

While Sailing ‘pon the Em’rald Seas.

Petals Gold, slightly curled

Spread their palms out – Unfurled –

Encircled Spheres, faces – Dark –

Gazing steadily, Embark

& closely Follow 

The Royal path & the Swallow

Flutters, darts ‘twixt Stem & Leaf – 

Lightly lingers, stays cooled Beneath.

Gossamer wings, of Pale & white

Silhouette ‘gainst blue & Bright

Pirouette in frantic Swirling rings

Whilst nearby Cricket chirping, Sings

Th’ Shining Orb arcs Azured expanse

Briefly rests, then Casts a Glance

At the Beloved Retinue

In their Crowns of Golden Hue.