Of Colorists & Cardmakers using Sherry West Art images for their colorings and crafty creations!

I am very honored to have my images chosen by these talented colorists and cardmakers to give to those they love!

Many people have put countless hours, time and effort into their colorings and creations below.

Each image represents the creative partnership between the line artist (me) and the colorist and cardmaker (you).

I so enjoy seeing each interpretation of my basic black and white image!


*I have tried to give each colorist and cardmaker proper credit for their lovely work. If your name is not here, please let me know! If your work is here and you do not wish for it to be, please let me know.

Colorists and Cardmakers

Kathy English

Bonnie Kohane

MJ Queen Purk

Helen Nile

Cathy Arenzana

Lisa Grillo

Margo;et Van Zyl

Frances Freeman

Kathy Asper

Edith Neubaker

Sofia H.

Sharon Smith

Sandra Van Blaricum

Sue Eisenhower

Andrea Norris

Alina Bocur

Donna Sugra

Debbie Cummings

Nia Schoefield

Kelsey Ross

Gail Berish

Joannie Eggert

Sheryl Hare

Renee White

Bonnie Ratzloff

Ellen Jackson

Claudia Martins

Mandéis El

Arole Moisan

Stephanie Huntley

Debbie Dickson

Danuta Brzezinska

Rose Gallagher

Brenda Bforsma Hansen

Edith Nuebaker

I’m in the process of adding more names and blog links!