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Who doesn’t like getting something for free?

(I’m not going to raise my hand.)

Here’s a lovely list of some great ones for this August and early Fall I found that you’re going to LOVE!

Now, mind you, these are focused on adult coloring, crafting, cardmaking, papercrafting, stamping, scrapbooking, art, etc, but there are a very few for kids.




Facebook Coloring Challenge Groups




Call for Submissions: 2020 Fall call


KIDS, General

Adults, General

There ya go! Have fun!

Back to School Coloring & Craft Contest


Coloring & Crafting Contest


Join the Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafting Group


One digital downloadable image from my shop or 6 pre-printed pieces of cardstock with that image sent to you to use for your coloring and crafting, or both😀

Who: You! Kids are welcome to join, too!

What: Color or craft something cute with this image.

When: Friday, August 7 – Friday, August 14.

Where: There!

How: Upload a bright clear photo of your coloring or crafty creation to the Sherry West Art Coloring and Craft group.


I will showcase everyonés wonderful work on my blog and social media feeds, with a special emphasis on our winner.


Do you go through a lot of paper?

No, not THAT kind of paper.

Printer paper.

How much printing do you do?

The paper doesn’t cost much, but the ink, unfortunately does.

A friend recently told us about HP Ink. $2.99 for 50 pages payable monthly. $1 per every 10 extra pages over the 50.

We were spending $43 for two cartridges – 1 black, 1 color – for our old HP printer…times two printers…total $86. Every time we went to the cash register to pay for them, we squeaked. It was painful to fork over that much money on tiny little printer cartridges.

It didn’t take a pair of rocket scientists to figure out which was the better deal…and we weren’t rocket scientists.

To qualify for the program, we had to purchase an HP printer that was compatible. That was easy. Go to Walmart, spend $25, take home a new printer and set it up. We bought two, one for hubby’s office and one for mine. We bought the same model printer and did one $2.99 monthly ink subscription.

To sign up, go to

You won’t be sorry. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.

And we don’t have to squeak when it comes time to pay for those tiny little cartridges.

Dumb Bunnies & Runny Bunnies

I’m a dumb bunny.

That’s what we say here at our house when we do something stupid.

We live out in the country next a river, surrounded by farm fields. Wéve also got a bun-load of bunnies! Darling brown cotton-tail bunnies with little white tummies and tails that bob up and down when they take off across the fields. Those little tails look like bouncing cotton balls.

We call them “runny bunnies.”

See those sets of Prismacolor pencils up there? All three of them?

The complete set of 150 colored pencils, the complete set of 36 Verithins, and the set of 36 watercolor pencils? Yes, those.

I don’t have them anymore…..Because I’m a dumb bunny.

I sold them in one lot on eBay because I wasn’t using them. I do everything on the iPad – drawing and coloring – so I can send things to my stamp company and upload on social media. I don’t have time to color by hand.

I didn’t want to have expensive art supplies just laying around gathering dust and decaying with age when I’m not using them.

I thought, “Hey, how difficult can it be to learn to color with alcohol markers? Everyone colors their stamps with those, so I should use the same coloring methods on my stamps so I can produce samples they can relate to.”

How hard is it? Oh, just mostly impossible…for me.

So, after I wasted a bunch of time and money purchasing alcohol markers, trying and struggling to learn to use them, and finding out it’s well-nigh impossible, I went back to what I CAN use…colored pencils.

I CAN’T color with alcohol markers.

I CAN color with colored pencils….except for the fact that I got rid of them.

And then I had to buy them….AGAIN.

And THAT would be why I’m a dumb bunny.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bunnies. We all love bunnies.

But dumb bunnies are a different animal entirely.

Your lesson for today is: Don’t be a dumb bunny.

Sherry West Art @ 2020.

Crafting and Coloring with Crayola

Would you like to have a complete, good-quality coloring kit that won’t cost an arm, leg, kidney or plasma, but don’t know where to start?

Here are my quick, cheap recommendations, followed by the longer, more expensive versions, all of which I have, use and highly recommend.

Crayola is my go-to brand because I’m a mom and have kids who like to raid my art supplies, all while I’m working on professional art projects, lol, so it keeps them from destroying my expensive stuff.

Artists can and do produce good artwork using Crayola products, believe it or not!

Surprised? Yep, me too!

First……Go to

Give them your email, and sign up for their newsletter.

You’ll get an immediate 10% coupon, as well as 15% and 20% coupons from time to time, and free shipping.

Before I buy, I compare prices on,, eBay, and Amazon, then I buy the cheapest.

If you want to get started but have a very, very limited budget:


  • White printer paper, 8.5 s 11”
  • Clipboard
  • Pacon Art pad, white, 50 sheets
  • Correction fluid
  • Eraser
  • Paint brush pens
  • Markers, set, 24-36
  • Colored pencils, set of 24-36
  • Set of paint brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Sharpener
  • Gel pens, set, glitter, neocon, metallic
  • Permanent markers

TOTAL $15, plus or minus

If you have a bit more to spend….


  • Watercolor pencils, 24-36 count, $7
  • good sharpener, Kum, $3
  • erasers – regular (pink), gum, white, eraser pencil fine point for tiny areas, $5
  • water brush pen set, Arteza or OOKU, etc., 6 tip sizes, $10
  • markers, 36 count or more, water soluble, brush tip are best, $15
  • mixed media art pad , #98 or higher, Canson, $6
  • clipboard, $2
  • white printer paper, 8.5×11”, $4
  • #110 white cardstock, 8.5×11”, $5
  • white gel pen, $3
  • Sharpies, ultra fine point, black, grey, brown, tan, $5

TOTAL $70, plus or minus

You can take a trip to your nearest Walmart and get almost everything you need.

This is where I regularly purchase…

  • Canson mixed media pads
  • Canson watercolor pads
  • Canson sketch pads
  • Neenah white cardstock
  • Neenah black cardstock
  • Neenah kraft cardstock
  • Hammer mills #110 cardstock
  • White printer paper
  • Crayola Colored pencils sets – 50, 100
  • Gel pens set of 24, 36 – Scribble Stuff – best, smoothest ink flow of any gel pen ever!
  • Crayola Supertips Markers sets – 20, 50, 100
  • Crayola Paint Brush Pens
  • Oil pastels
  • Paint brush sets
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Clipboard


  • baby oil
  • petroleum jelly
  • mineral spirits
  • eye shadow
  • Qtips
  • cotton balls
  • paper towels
  • old cloths
  • paint brushes, fine, flat, round, medium, large
  • old plate or lid to mix colors
  • cup for water

Use baby oil, petroleum jelly, rubbing alcohol, gamsol, or mineral spirits to create a wash or blend regular colored pencils with QTips, cotton balls, paper towel, rags.


  • Crayola Super Tip Markers, 100, $15
  • Crayola Watercolor Pencils, 24, $7 
  • Crayola Color and Blend Pencils in tin, 50, $15, OR Crayola color pencils, 120, $15
  • Crayola water soluble oil pastels in tin, $15
  • Crayola pearlescent water soluble crayons in tin, $20
  • Crayola metallic markers, $7
  • Crayola glitter markers, $7
  • Crayola gel pens, $15
  • Crayola metallic pencils, $7
  • Crayola fine-tip markers, 40, $22
  • Crayola Tri-tone Pencils in tin, 12, $15
  • Watercolor brush markers, 36 count or higher, $15
  • Kum metal pencil sharpener, $3
  • Erasers, variety – gum, white, pink, eraser pencil, $5
  • Sakura Gelly Roll pens – white for adding highlights, corrections, $4
  • Blending pen (water-based, not alcohol), $4
  • Blending pencils, $4
  • Eraser pencils for fine details to get in corners and create highlights, $4 
  • Arteza, OOKU, etc., waterpen brush set of 6 tips, set, $10
  • Canson mixed media pads – small, medium, large, $6-$10
  • Clipboard, regular or larger size for art, $2-$6
  • White printer paper, pack, $4
  • Cardstock, #110 pound, white, $5
  • Cardstock, black, $5
  • Cardstock, Kraft paper, $5

TOTAL $200, plus or minus

Note: Walmart doesn’t carry Crayola Tri-tone pencils, oil pastels, pearlescent pastels, watercolor pencils, fine-tip markers, Color and Blend pencils or product lines, or gel pens. However, does. I purchased mine at, EBay, and Amazon.

These are my go-to coloring supplies when I’m not creating on the IPad. I also have the more expensive stuff, but I’m afraid to use it, lol. 


These Crayola products are all watersoluble and can be used as paint, as well as pencil, markers, pens and pastels, so each one is dual-purpose!

Draw a line, use the waterbrush pen or a paintbrush dipped in water and it becomes a painted line!

I recommend the largest sets of colors in the markers and pencils because you need the full range of tones for skin tones for portraits – pets and people – as well as for shading.

Otherwise, a basic set of 36 colors is a good set to start with, and these colors can be blended to create new shades.

Scribble a marker or pastel on a plastic lid or plate, dip a wet paint brush in the color, use it as watercolor paint on mixed media or #110 cardstock.


It’s not the product you use, it’s your ability to use it. I can draw with a burned matchstick, and it looks as if I had used a piece of charcoal produced by a well-known art company.

Expensive art supplies DO have better pigmentation, lay down, ease of use, etc., but it really depends on the skill of the user.

Crayola products are so solid in terms of quality, color, vibrancy, ease of use, lay down and cost that it’s a great product for beginning and intermediate colorists.


And while you’re at it, sign up with HP Ink to save money on printing off coloring pages and stamps! $2.99 per month!

Purchasing an HP ink cartridge for our printer runs about $45 for the black and white and color.

For $25, you can buy a new HP printer at Walmart, then sign up at for their amazing ink savings deal: $2.99 per month for 50 pages. And if you need to print more than that for some reason, it will cost you only $1 per every 10 pages over that.

Go to:

We did, and it’s awesome! The printer is great, and so is the savings!


Fans, Copyright, SherryWestArt, 2020

Fans are fabulous, fantastic, frou-frou, frivolous, fancy, and fun!

And, they are a favorite subject of mine. I’ve spent hours researching antique, vintage and modern fans.

Did you know there are handfan museums? Yes, indeed! Much to my great delight. In fact, there are many around the world!

Brise, eventail, ivory, lace, wood, feather, bone, bamboo, painted, printed, paper, silk, inlaid, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, advertising, modern, vintage, antique….many words to describe the huge variety of gorgeous fans used in countries around the world since the beginning of time.

Mother of pearl, silk, bone, brise, carved, laced and feathered fans are my personal favorites, especially if they come with the original silk ribbon or tassel!

Be still my beating heart…..flutter….flutter….flutter.

Did you know hand fans can be used to convey secret messages?

I restore vintage dolls, and I make sure they each have their own miniature fan, when appropriate. Antique fashion dolls do, as well.

My two boys are fascinated by my small fan collection and begged for one of their own, so they each have a modern wooden and silk folding fan…albeit pink and blue with lots of flowers, lol. That’s all I’ve got to give them.🤣

I have a cheap white plastic floral handfan in my handbag I purchased from Dollar Tree for $1. It’s ugly, but its tough for banging around in my bag, and it works!

I didn’t intend to design the above image with fans, but the fan and designs add elegance to the entire evening affair. When one is in evening attire, one must have the proper accessories, and that includes fans….Especially large fans with big plumey ostrich feathers!

For a very short period of time, we are offering this image to one special person as a free digital download just for leaving a comment on the post in my Sherry West Arts Coloring and Crafts Facebook group. If you would like the chance to get her before anyone else does, head on over and leave a comment. I will choose one lucky person very, very soon!

This elegant ensemble will then be available in my Etsy shop for just $0.99!

Grab it and properly accessorize your designs!

For more on fans…

Parts of a fan…

Repairing fans…

Make your own fan!

Buy Premade bamboo staves…

Buy blank white paper fans to paint on…


July 4th is Independence Day!
This little gal knows just what to do to have fun!

Remember back to the days when you were young and loved sparklers?
The perennial kid favorite firework!

I still love sparklers. They remind me of shiny fireflies on a warm summer evening.

This cutie is just right to add some celebration to tags, journals, albums, cards or anything else you so desire!
So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Celebrate!

Colored by Kathy English, Colored and card by Sandra van Blaricum

Precious Piggies! (& Petunia Piggie, too!)

Family is Precious, Sherry West Art design for Stamp Addicts, Featured on Hochanda TV

Precious Piggies and Princess Petunia Piglet are Pretty Popular with People!

They went like hotcakes as part of the free promo with Kit and Clowder in May, and did great on Hochanda TV, too!

It’s UN-ANIMAL-OUS…..We all love the Piggies!

What a bunch of happy little squirts!

I feel so happy, silly, cheerful, and encouraged every time I look at this adorable family of oinkers.

That’s the feedback I’m getting from everyone else, too.

There’s just Something about their perky ears and happy faces that makes the heart sing!

Hmmmm…..I’m getting a drawing idea for another stamp…..singing piglets?😃

And that’s EXACTLY what I hope my art will do…..make your heart happy!

💝Happy Art for a Happy Heart!💝

😀And that’s Sherry West Art.😀

Princess Petunia Piglet

Sherry’s Cards

Before designing coloring pages, rubber and digital stamps, I enjoyed using my photographs to create greeting cards.

At the time, I was completely unfamiliar with the stamping and cardmaking world, and was on a very limited budget. These are cards are so plain now when I look at them. The only supplies I had were some $5 cardstock from Walmart, ribbon, glue dots and edging scissors.

Now, I have more varieties of paper, ribbon, embellishments, pens, trimmers, edgers, shape cutters and techniques.

Just think of what I could do with these cards now!

Except…..I don’t have time to make cards.

I’m too busy designing stamps.