Rather Risqué

Polly Paper Dolly has a rather peculiar PROBLEM.

Facebook, that measured modern moderator of all things most beneficial to civilized society, doesn’t think she is appropriate for your delicate sensibilities, so she has been BANNED from their Very Respectable Forum. (Consequently, I can´t sell her to you in my Facebook shop.)

Apparently, she ´s too fast and loose for their tender tastes. Ooh, la, la!

I think it’s her dashing, suggestive slip that did the trick and set off their pearl-clutching, gasping and breast-heaving!

Quick! Somebody grab the smelling salts and fainting couch!

Do you suppose shés got French lace-trimmed pantaloons under there?

Heaven ´s-to-Betsy!

Whatever shall we do??

“Oh, my stars and garters!” as my great Aunt Gwen used to say.


Red-y For Fall, Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020. All rights reserved.

Woo-hoo! And I do mean WOO-HOO!

Two years ago, almost to the exact day, I submitted Fall-themed images to a womeńs magazine. And in the following couple of years, Íve submitted others which were not selected. I had honestly given up hope they would ever use anything I submitted to them, but I still kept submitting.

Last month I opened my email inbox to find a most exciting message from the Editor informing me they had selected this image for their November cover! (And they couldn’t get in touch with me and had been trying….OOPS.)

The lesson for today is: NEVER, EVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

(And make sure your inbox is cleaned out regularly so important messages don’t get buried in the daily pile.)

(And always make SURE you DOŃT download the French and Spanish keyboards to your iPad unless you can figure out how to undo them.)

Krazee Katz Kidz Koloring and Krafting Kontest!

Who: You! Kidz, ONLY! No parentz allowed! (You are very welcome to join the group, but no entering your own creations…at least not in this one, lol)
Organizations and groups that serve children are very welcome to join the fun, too!

Schools, libraries, hospitals, nonprofits, charitable institutions, homeschooling groups and families, churches, etc., are welcome to participate!

When: Monday, Oct. 12 to Sunday, Oct. 31

Where: Sherry West Art Coloring & Crafts Facebook group

Why: For Fun!

What: Coloring and crafting contest for kids. FREE!

How: Join the group, Download this Sherry West Art image, Color this Sherry West image, Post it in the group, Enter to win a fun prize!

It even has a frame for you to hang on the frig! 😃


*This image and character are the sole property of Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020. The Fishbowl. All rights reserved.

*This image is only for personal use related ONLY to the purpose for which it is being shared. It is NOT to be used to create other products, shared, sold or used in any other way, shape or form.

*Copyright – The Fishbowl, Sherry West, Sherry West Art @ 2020. All rights reserved.

On your mark, get set, color!


Happy 28th Birthday to Stamp Addicts, UK! Celebrate their 28th birthday with this free adult coloring page/stamp!

Stamp Addicts is a rubber stamp and craft supply shop in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, run by sisters Sarah Bewick and Vicky Adams. Their stamping and crafting episodes are seen regularly on Hochanda TV, the UK´s premier channel for all things arts and crafts.

I am very fortunate to be a designer for them, along with another extremely talented artist, Teri Sherman.

If you tune in tomorrow, you will see a surprise!

Two of my favorite stamp designs will be featured, along with other wonderful designs and lots of goodies to celebrate their birthday!

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Head on over to the Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafting Facebook group to get yours!

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Watch the next Stamp Addicts episode on Hochanda TV at….https://www.hochanda.com/tv-schedule

Wonderfully Weird

Cooyright, Sherry West, Sherry West Art, 2020. Allrights reserved.

I keep my black 11×14 spiral-bound Canson sketch book on the counter next to the stove so I can draw when I’m in the kitchen doing stuff.

I also keep these colorful pens in a favorite Pfalzgraff cup nearby for making grocery lists.

Pad plus pens equals PICTURE!

I didn’t set out knowing what I wanted to draw. Actually, I never do, lol. I just start drawing and whatever comes out comes out.

So, if she looks kinda weird, that might be why, lol.

Since I’ve discovered something new and fun and artsy crafty, she’s going to get turned into a mixed-media piece.

I ‘ll post her when I’m done.


Canson sketch pad (Walmart)

Jot Rollerball ink pens (Dollar Tree or Dollar General)

Mixed Media Message

My very first mixed media project!

It´s official. Ím addicted..

Now I understand why everyone is going crazy for junk journals, bible journaling, bullet journaling, and paper piecing!

This was sooooooo very satisfying to make!

I wasn ´ t actually trying to do a mixed media piece. I was bored and drew the central head, then added color to it with Inktense pencils.

I started the initial drawing in my sketch book so scribbled color swatches and samples all around her while I was having fun. She wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a way to keep my brain busy.

I thought, well, why not cut her out and paste her to a new page like Íve seen other people do? So I did.

And then I kept going.

I scribbled some scratchy roses.

Some of my color samples were bleeding into the top of her head, so scribbled roses up there to cover it up, otherwise she looked like a Russian babushka with a headband, lol.

I wanted to try and add some other different things to the page so scribbled a word, added hearts, scribbled lines and color them in.

Then got a great idea: I could make a mixed media piece for my boss who loves this kind of stuff!

I wasńt quite sure what else to do to it, but grabbed some paper from the library trash can (reuse and recycle!), cut out some hearts, put sticky tape on the back of them and randomly placed them all over the page.

They needed some color and shabbiness, so I hit them with some blues and reds in a watercolor type wash, plus some scribbles, then bent and cut the edges so they looked like they were coming off the page, which they were, and trimmed the outer perimeter of the whole page.

I showed it to the girls on my design team, and now they want to do it! So I’m going to redraw her on my iPad, but now I can’t find my Apple Pencils.

And that’s how she came to be.


Canson Black Hardcover Sketch book

Mechanical pencil and eraser

Sakura Pigma marker

Derwent Inktense pencils

Water brush pen

Scotch tape

Cardstock, from the trash bin

Pretty Patterned Paper!

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Do Your Diva!

Fab Fall Fairy, Sherry West, Sherry West Art@2020. All rights reserved.

A fab, fluttery, frivolous, fantastic new coloring and crafting design by Sherry West Art is available as a FREEBIE!


Friday, August 14, 2020.

Want her?

Then fly your fab fluttery self on over to the Sherry West Art Coloring and Crafting group on Facebook:

See those wings on her? They´re FAST.

You better go get her before she´s gone, ćuz when she´s GONE, she´s GONE.

Colored and Carded by the talented members of the Sherry West Art Design Team: Sandra Van Blaricum, Kathy Ebalo English, Deborah Abu Zagarit, Sharon Heritage.

In 3….2….1….aaaaaannnnnnddddd……GO!