The Pumpkin Fairy

Copyright, Sherry West, Sherry West Art, 2020.
All rights reserved.

Charlie Brown had the Great Pumpkin.

Out here in the farmlands of Midwest Indiana, we´ve got the Pumpkin Fairy.

What does she do, exactly?

She flies around pollinating lovely little yellow pumpkin blossoms with her magical pumpkin wand pollinator, of course!

I ´m not exactly sure what else she does just yet, cuz I haven ´t thought that far ahead.

But one thing ´ s for sure…she ´ s a busy girl this time of year.

She ´ d like to wish you a Very Happy Harvest!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I’m pretty tickled with how this one came out!

I know the colors aren’t exactly Christmas-y, but I like it. Technically, it qualifies….red, green, gold, lol.

My art piece was accepted by a women’s magazine and will be out next week. This design is based on that piece, which is in another post before this one.

Since I don’t have time to hand-color and craft card samples using my images, I color digitally to get a rough idea of how the image could look if folks decide to use them to make cards and crafts.

In case you are wondering, I created the image using Procreate art app, Apple iPad and an Apple Pencil. I use the watercolor and gouache brush settings to achieve that soft hazy feel. There’s a floral pattern brush I used for the background, as well.

I’m feeling inspired to create some digitally downloadable papers you can use to create with! Off I go!

The other version of the above design. Which do you prefer?