Cherry Blossoms, Sherry West Art, 2019


The bends of the road I drive flow past the places encased in snow…….


Parchment paper pale

White on verdant green

The cold blanket dims vibrant colors

Encasing bright Spring noise in a quiet new world

Everything is hushed

And everyone sleeps


A brief

explosion of red –

Fiery wings quickly blur –

The scarlett cardinal

Touches a China white blanket

Of Spring snow –

Then darts away


Old, patched with new metal

Cobbling together bits and pieces from the century past

This red barn stands

Out in alone in the middle of the white cold sea

The cows, together,

Slowly, ponderously move

In the rhythm of the waves

Heavy ships on an unexpected ocean

Of an icy storm



Greyed layered clouds

Piled high in frothy mounds

Flow over the surface of the small pond.

Inky black coots

Yellow beaks open,

Call across the waters

As the mist serenely rises


Clinging tightly to the feathered tip

Of the dry slender stalk of last year’s yellow cattail

A glossy redwing blackbird

Greets the morning

In joy



her mate lies beneath the green lands now white

Her strong chestnut haunches flex

As she shakes her mane

She forages,

Tender new shoots delicately exposed

With the brush of her warm nose

Or strong hoof

Pushing aside the cold white


Heavy hang the pink-purple boughs

Of cherried flowers

Beneath their white coat

Who protect the remaining place of verdant green

Beneath their leaning limbs

While bees and butterflies

Remain unseen


Hushed now

Diamond grey doves

Together warmly in their entwined nest

gently sigh and sleep


And I am home –

By my fireplace warm

And outside

The world is white.



Art & story by Sherry West. Colored by Kathy English.

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a dry desert land far, far away, there lived a King and a Queen. The King and the Queen had just one child, a little daughter.

Many people had children, but some did not. Those who didn’t would have given everything they possessed in order to have a little child. Girl child or boy child would not have mattered, whether the child had light or dark skin, had physical or mental delays, none of these things would have mattered. They just wanted a child of their very own to care for and love each day.

The people who lived in this kingdom learned over time that the King and Queen really didn’t care for one another and, even less so for their only child, the little girl.

The little one had very pale skin, deep blue eyes and hair as black as the night sky, struggled to walk with the heavy heavy metal leg braces the physicians insisted she wear, and struggled even more to speak. But, beyond her “deformities,” she was a good-natured little thing, never giving them any trouble, always content to happily play alone in one of the little rooms with whatever bits and pieces she could find to cobble together into a toy for her own amusement.

But this didn’t seem to matter to her parents, who did what they were supposed to to “take care of” her – giving her food when necessary, clean clothes and a place to sleep, but nought else, but who were focused on fussing and fighting with each other day in and day out.

You see, the child was not wanted. The King and the Queen made a mistake. A rather large mistake with a capitol M, if the truth were known, and they were were doing their “parental duty” to the child by regularly feeding, bathing, and providing the requisite shelter for it, but not much beyond.

The Queen, to give her some credit, was trying to be a good mother, but she was so young, she had no experience, and no one to help her know what to do or how to do it. She had left her parents home many lands away to come here to this place, alone.

She thought she loved this young King – handsome, charming, tall, blond -haired, blue-eyed and broad-shouldered like the great gods of ancient myth. The King was not content with his beautiful wife, she of the night black hair and clear-blown glass eyes, and instead, when he was out having fun with his friends beyond the castle walls, let his eyes and wayward heart stray to others of her kind – but different – because he preferred the lovely princesses and royal ladies with honey locks and eyes like the summer sky. And, his Queen had given birth and was no longer slender as she once was. His eyes roamed to the others, and he followed them with his feet.

When the Queen learned her husband’s heart was no longer hers, she was greatly dismayed and despondent. And this in turn disastrously affected her heart for his child.

While he roamed the land with his band of friends, eating, drinking, singing and living carefree with his fellows, she remained in the castle, alone in her rooms with their small one, caring for her the best she knew, always waiting, always hoping, always wishing the King would come home to her and their tiny daughter and remain there. Then, they could be a FAMILY. Could he not see what he had waiting so lovingly and patiently for him at the home in their small but dear castle?

What did those ladies have? Why did he prefer them? Why did he prefer his friends? What did she not give him? What was so amiss in her that he would so despise and use her so? Did she not wash his clothes with her own hands? Did she not try so hard to scrub and clean their little home until it shone? Did she not prepare his meals with her fair hands, tenderly creating the choicest dinners for him – always hoping he would look at her then and see how much love she poured into her work for him – see her heart and how it beat only for him?

Alone each day, she worked at home with her hands, being the Queen of such a tiny kingdom meant she had no money and no servants. What she had for her husband and her daughter came, or not, from her own hands. If she needed ingredients for their meals, she didn’t have a horse or even a cart to get them. She walked, and she walked far, carrying her little one on her hip there, and back with the heavy packages.

The King took their only horse and carriage for his own use and pursuit of pleasure, never thinking to offer it to her.

And this is how they lived. He during the day out and abroad with his friends and ladies, returning home in the evening to quickly gulp down what she had so lovingly prepared with no word of thanks or appreciation. And her, at home, alone with their child.

And then one day, her heart could bear it no more.

Heavy of foot, one dragging behind the other, matching the rhythm of her heart, she slowly gathered her meager belongings and those of the child, carefully folded them and placed them in a small bag.

Her little daughter looked up at her with eyes like the ocean, wondering, then somehow understood to remain quiet, yet reaching out her little chubby hands with starfish fingers outstretched, her mother gathered her into her arms and carried their few belongings.

And then she walked out of the castle.

And never returned.

Sherry West Art for Stamp Addicts on Hochanda TV!

Sarah Bewick of Stamp Addicts presented their all-new line-up of seasonal stamps just in time to craft and create for Easter!

I always enjoy watching Sarah and the lovely Hochanda TV hosts interact during each new episode. Sarah does a wonderful job of teaching new craft concepts and always has something interesting like the shrink eggs and butterflies!

She was wearing a darling fuschia flower ring made from shrink plastic! What a novel idea! I’m totally going to do this! I love making jewelry, and even more so from novel materials and concepts. Perfect for Spring!

The metallic shrink eggs would have made fun necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins! What a great family craft to do with the kids!

To watch the show rewind or purchase these stamps:

Easter Friends


The new stamps from Stamp Addicts are here!

Designed by me, I’m pretty excited to see them in grey rubber. I haven’t even seen them yet!

Watch the show today or the Rewind at Search Stamp Addicts on Rewimd.

Head on over to to get yours!

If you are ordering from outside of the UK, international shipping rates and times apply.

These would make great additions to your littles Easter baskets. My kids would rather have fun activites to do and stay busy than just about anything else. Plus, it’s a great family activity, too! You can make cards for parents, grandparents, family and friends.

These stamps are great for all kinds of other projects, too!

Hoppy Easter!

Ever seen one of these critters before?


Me, neither.

What the heck is it?

Rabb-egg? Eggit? Eggabit?

I’m having just a smidgeon of trouble coming up with a name for it. Can you help me out? Post in the comments!

It’ll be on Hochanda TV tomorrow, so watch with us! Wednesday, March 17 at

All kinds of fun Easter cards and stamps, including from yours truly!

Sherry West Art for Stamp Addicts on Hochanda TV!

The Easter Bunny Fairy

Did you know there’s an Easter Bunny Fairy?

Yesseree, Bunny! Some Bunny has to get all those magical looking eggs painted and do it in time for Easter!

Who else but the Easter Bunny Fairy?

Betcha didn’t know that!

Now ya do!


Run, don’t walk! To to see the latest episode of Stamp Addicts!

Sarah and Vicky will demo some fun products and brand new stamps to dress up your Easter cards and crafts!

Stamps by yours truly will be featured, as well, so EEPA! EEPA! EEPA! ONDALAY! Over to Hochanda I’m on my way!


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