Pupperoni Pizza


We had Supreme pizza for dinner and left the rest sitting on the kitchen counter.
Two slices went uneaten and remained on top of the box they came in which we always use as a hot pad of sorts.

Due to being busy, I was elsewhere occupied in the house, as was everyone else. Planned on putting food away once I was done with my chore.

I guess Raini went wandering through the kitchen and noticed something out of order, because he came running, “Maiiii! Marla gotta piece of pizza!”

That sounded like something Marla would do, if given the opportunity, epecially considering the fact that her nose was exactly the height of the counter.

I went in to the kitchen to check.

I was hoping it wasn’t so because she’s been behaving so well lately, and has done really well at not giving in to her baser instincts.

Yep, 2-1=1 gone and 1 still on the encounter.

And Marla was nowhere in sight. (Guilty dog. White German Shepherd. Too smart not to be.)

I just rolled my eyes, muttered “Marla” and went back to what I had been in the middle of doing.

Not too long after, Raini came and got me with, “Maiii!!! Marla gotta SECOND piece of pizza!”

You’re kidding me. I didn’t even know she LIKED pizza.

‘Yep, 1 left on the counter minus 1 equals no pizzas left on the counter.

Since Marla’s food bowls were in the laundry room, I figured that’s where I’d find her and the evidence.

Sure enough, there were two pieces of round grey sausage on the floor with a few tiny speckles of red sauce (but no Marla).

Apparently, she doesn’t like sausage on her pizza.

“Darn Marla!” I said loudly enough for Gabriel to hear in the other room, who had been closely monitoring the unfolding drama.

Then he very helpfully called out, “I didn’t like that kind, anyway!”

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