Fans, Copyright, SherryWestArt, 2020

Fans are fabulous, fantastic, frou-frou, frivolous, fancy, and fun!

And, they are a favorite subject of mine. I’ve spent hours researching antique, vintage and modern fans.

Did you know there are handfan museums? Yes, indeed! Much to my great delight. In fact, there are many around the world!

Brise, eventail, ivory, lace, wood, feather, bone, bamboo, painted, printed, paper, silk, inlaid, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, advertising, modern, vintage, antique….many words to describe the huge variety of gorgeous fans used in countries around the world since the beginning of time.

Mother of pearl, silk, bone, brise, carved, laced and feathered fans are my personal favorites, especially if they come with the original silk ribbon or tassel!

Be still my beating heart…..flutter….flutter….flutter.

Did you know hand fans can be used to convey secret messages?

I restore vintage dolls, and I make sure they each have their own miniature fan, when appropriate. Antique fashion dolls do, as well.

My two boys are fascinated by my small fan collection and begged for one of their own, so they each have a modern wooden and silk folding fan…albeit pink and blue with lots of flowers, lol. That’s all I’ve got to give them.🤣

I have a cheap white plastic floral handfan in my handbag I purchased from Dollar Tree for $1. It’s ugly, but its tough for banging around in my bag, and it works!

I didn’t intend to design the above image with fans, but the fan and designs add elegance to the entire evening affair. When one is in evening attire, one must have the proper accessories, and that includes fans….Especially large fans with big plumey ostrich feathers!

For a very short period of time, we are offering this image to one special person as a free digital download just for leaving a comment on the post in my Sherry West Arts Coloring and Crafts Facebook group. If you would like the chance to get her before anyone else does, head on over and leave a comment. I will choose one lucky person very, very soon!

This elegant ensemble will then be available in my Etsy shop for just $0.99!

Grab it and properly accessorize your designs!

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